Peoria East Quadrangle

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Mining in the Peoria East Quadrangle

James Whittaker mined coal near Wesley City in 1852, and that mine operated until 1890. Little is known of the early mining in this county, and many unlocated mines (see the back of this report) had high production. Because of this lack of old mine maps, a large general area of mining was added to the accompanying map along the bluffs near Wesley City. Those bluffs closest to Wesley City would have been the most likely site for early mining.

The Springfield Coal was mined in the southern half of the Peoria East Quadrangle, where it was generally over 4 feet thick. The roof was quite poor in some areas, with a combination of massive shale, thin and incompetent limestone, and water-bearing sandstone. The Groveland No. 1 Mine (mine index 0810) had clay slips and horsebacks. In spite of these disadvantages, the mines managed to operate for many years. The Manhattan Mine (mine index [[[3636]]) operated from 1900 to 1939, and the Lake Erie Mine operated from 1899 to 1939. These were the last coal mines in the quadrangle, and it is probably not a coincidence that the mines closed just as machine mining was required for competitive product pricing.

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