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Mining in the Christopher Quadrangle

The earliest mining in the Christopher Quadrangle was the Bell & Zoller No. 1 Mine (mine index 53) in 1904. The last mining in the quadrangle was Orient No. 1 Mine (mine index 505), which closed in 1955. The Herrin Coal was mined, averaging between 7 and 9 feet thick. The seam bottom undulated, sometimes resulting in steep grades of 8% or more, impeding haulage. The roof was a gray shale, sometimes sandy. Most of the mines left up to 2 feet of top coal to protect the shale from moisture in the ventilating air, which exacerbated the propensity of the shale to come down. The depth of the coal (200 to 619 feet) was probably a factor in forcing gas out of the seam. At least 11 explosions were noted, with a total of 154 fatalities. Some faults, associated with the Rend Lake Fault System, were noted in the mines. Displacement along the faults varied from as little as 5 feet to 35 feet or more.

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