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Data Disclaimer

The maps and digital files used for these studies were compiled from data obtained from a variety of public and private sources and have varying degrees of completeness and accuracy. This compilation map presents reasonable interpretation of the geology of the area and is based on available data. Locations of some mine features may be offset by 500 feet or more due to errors in the original source maps, the compilation process, digitizing, or a combination of these factors. These data are not intended for use in site-specific screening or decision-making.

These maps were designed for use at 1:24,000. Enlarging the map may reduce accuracy, as the original scale of the source maps used to compile the outlines shown varies from 1:400 to 1:150,000, and some mine locations are known only from text descriptions. Areas with no mines shown may still be undermined; see the unlocated mines lists.

The Illinois State Geological Survey and the University of Illinois make no guarantee, expressed or implied, regarding the correctness of the interpretations presented in this data set and accept no liability for the consequences of decisions made by others on the basis of the information presented here.

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