Ozark-Mahoning Mine Maps



The GIS map below will not return site or mine specific information, all the maps that cover the geographic area where you clicked will be return. You will need to inspect the map to see if it fits your needs.
Hovering your cursor over the map will generate a floating popup box, clicking on the map will fix this popup to the lower left hand corner of the map.
After clicking, use the navigation arrows in the popup (lower right hand corner...see image below) to cycle thru the available maps.
The thumbnail image linked in the popup, when click, will take you to a lower resolution image.
For the full resolution and georegistered image, click the "Download Georegistered zip" link.
To see the outlines of all the maps, click the "eye" next to "Map Outlines" in the layer menu.

Ozark-Mahoning Maps

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Log and Cross Section Downloads

Click here to View or Download individual logs/cross sections.