Quadrangle Mined-Out Area Maps

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Coal Mines Quadrangle Maps and Directories

These selected 7.5-minute quadrangle maps show active and abandoned mines and their known extent on a topographic map base which includes township, range, and section lines and surface features such as roads, towns, lakes, and rivers. The mines are color-coded by mining method and the relative precision and completeness of the source map used for the mine boundary are indicated. Accompanying each map is a directory that gives a brief history of mining on the quadrangle and lists for each mine the location of mine opening and tipples; the name, thickness, and depth of seams mined; production history; geologic problems reported; company names; mine names and numbers; type of mine; years operated; coal seam mined; and mine location. Click on a link of your quadrangle of interest from the map or the list to download a PDF version.

NOTE: A 1:24,0000 scale color plot version with directory is available for purchase, and can be ordered by contacting the ISGS at (217) 244-2414, or email at sales@prairie.illinois.edu.


Note: Not all of the mines have been entered in the ILMines Wiki so downloading the quadrangle pdfs may still be needed to get all of the mining information for the area you are looking at.

PDF Download of map and directory Directory of Coal Mines Page
Alsey Quadrangle Alsey Quadrangle
Alton Quadrangle Alton Quadrangle
Andover Quadrangle Andover Quadrangle
Ashley Quadrangle Andover Quadrangle
Assumption Quadrangle Assumption Quadrangle
Astoria Quadrangle Astoria Quadrangle
Athens Quadrangle Athens Quadrangle
Athensville Quadrangle Athensville Quadrangle
Atwater Quadrangle Atwater Quadrangle
Ava Quadrangle Ava Quadrangle
Avon Quadrangle Avon Quadrangle
Baldwin Quadrangle Baldwin Quadrangle
Beaucoup Quadrangle Beaucoup Quadrangle
Beckemeyer Quadrangle Beckemeyer Quadrangle
Beecher City Quadrangle Beecher City Quadrangle
Berryville Quadrangle Berryville-Quadrangle
Bethalto Quadrangle Bethalto Quadrangle
Birds Quadrangle Birds Quadrangle
Blackstone Quadrangle Blackstone Quadrangle
Bloomington West Quadrangle Bloomington West Quadrangle
Bluford Quadrangle Bluford Quadrangle
Blyton Quadrangle Blyton Quadrangle
Breese Quadrangle Breese Quadrangle
Brighton Quadrangle Brighton Quadrangle
Broadwell Quadrangle Broadwell Quadrangle
Brocton Quadrangle Brocton Quadrangle
Brussels Quadrangle Brussels Quadrangle
Buda Quadrangle Buda Quadrangle
Bunker Hill Quadrangle Bunker Hill Quadrangle
Cadwell Quadrangle CadwellQuadrangle
Campus Quadrangle Campus Quadrangle
Canton Quadrangle Canton Quadrangle
Carbondale Quadrangle Carbondale Quadrangle
Carlinville East Quadrangle Carlinville East
Carlinville West Quadrangle Carlinville West Quadrangle
Carrier Mills Quadrangle Carrier Mills Quadrangle
Centralia East Quadrangle Centralia East Quadrangle
Centralia West Quadrangle Centralia West Quadrangle
Chatham Quadrangle Chatham Quadrangle
Chillicothe Quadrangle Chillicothe Quadrangle
Christopher Quadrangle Christopher Quadrangle
Claremont Quadrangle Claremont Quadrangle
Coal City Quadrangle Coal City Quadrangle
Coal Valley Quadrangle Coal Valley Quadrangle
Coffeen Quadrangle Coffeen Quadrangle
Colchester Colchester Quadrangle
Colfax Colfax Quadrangle
Collinsville Collinsville Quadrangle
Columbia Columbia Quadrangle
Cooksville Cooksville Quadrangle
Coulterville Coulterville-Quadrangle
Crab Orchard Crab Orchard-Quadrangle
Creal Springs Creal Springs-Quadrangle
Dahlgren Dahlgren-Quadrangle
Danville NW Danville NW-Quadrangle
Danville SE Danville SE-Quadrangle
Danville SW Danville SW-Quadrangle
Daum Daum-Quadrangle
Decatur Decatur-Quadrangle
Dennison Dennison-Quadrangle
Depue Depue-Quadrangle
De Soto De Soto-Quadrangle
Divernon Divernon-Quadrangle
Dunlap Dunlap-Quadrangle
Du Quoin Du Quoin-Quadrangle
Eddyville Eddyvill Quadrangle
Edinburg Edinburg-Quadrangle
Edwardsville Edwardsville-Quadrangle
Eldorado Eldorado
Elkville Elkville-Quadrangle
Enfield Enfield-Quadrangle
Equality Equality Quadrangle
Ewing Ewing-Quadrangle
Fairbury Fairbury-Quadrangle
Fairview Fairview-Quadrangle
Fancher Fancher-Quadrangle
Farmersville Farmersville-Quadrangle
Farmingdale Farmingdale-Quadrangle
Farmington East Farmington East-Quadrangle
Farmington West Farmington West-Quadrangle
Flanagan North Flanagan_North-Quadrangle
Flat Rock Flat Rock-Quadrangle
Florence Florence-Quadrangle
Franklin Franklin-Quadrangle
Freeburg Freeburg-Quadrangle
French Village French Village-Quadrangle
Galatia Galatia Quadrangle
Gardner Gardner-Quadrangle
Geneseo Geneso-Quadrangle
Georgetown Georgetown-Quadrangle
Gillespie North Gillespie North-Quadrangle
Gillespie South Gillespie South-Quadrangle
Goreville Goreville-Quadrangle
Gorham Gorham-Quadrangle
Grayville Grayville-Quadrangle
Green Rock Green Rock-Quadrangle
Greenfield Greenfield-Quadrangle
Greenview Greenview-Quadrangle
Hanna City Hanna City-Quadrangle
Harco Harco Quadrangle
Harmony Harmony-Quadrangle
Harrisburg Harrisburg Quadrangle
Heathsville Heathsville-Quadrangle
Herrin Herrin Quadrangle
Hettick Hettick-Quadrangle
Hillsboro Hillsboro-Quadrangle
Humrick Humrick-Quadrangle
Illinois City Illinois City-Quadrangle
Ina Ina-Quadrangle
Ipava Ipava-Quadrangle
Irvington Irvington-Quadrangle
Jerseyville South Jerseyville South-Quadrangle
Johnston City Johnston City-Quadrangle
Karbers Ridge Karbers Ridge-Quadrangle
Keensburg Keensburg-Quadrangle
Kell Kell-Quadrangle
Kewanee North Kewanee North-Quadrangle
Kewanee South Kewanee South-Quadrangle
Kincaid Kincaid-Quadrangle
Kinmundy Kinmundy-Quadrangle
Kinsman Kinsman-Quadrangle
Kirksville Kirksville-Quadrangle
Lacon Lacon-Quadrangle
Ladd Ladd-Quadrangle
Lancaster Lancaster-Quadrangle
La Rose La Rose-Quadrangle
LaSalle La Salle-Quadrangle
Lebanon Lebanon-Quadrangle
Leonore Leonore-Quadrangle
Lewistown Lewistown-Quadrangle
Lincoln East Lincoln East-Quadrangle
Lincoln West Lincoln West-Quadrangle
Lisbon Lisbon-Quadrangle
Litchfield Litchfield-Quadrangle
London Mills London Mills-Quadrangle
Long Point Long Point-Quadrangle
Louisville West Louisville West-Quadrangle
Lovington Lovington-Quadrangle
Macedonia Macedonia-Quadrangle
Macon West Macon West-Quadrangle
Makanda Makanda-Quadrangle
Manchester Manchester-Quadrangle
Marion Marion-Quadrangle
Marquette Heights Marquette Heights-Quadrangle
Marseilles Marseilles-Quadrangle
Mascoutah Mascoutah-Quadrangle
Matherville Matherville-Quadrangle
Mattoon West Mattoon West-Quadrangle
Mazon Mazon-Quadrangle
McLeansboro McLeansboro-Quadrangle
McNabb McNabb-Quadrangle
Mechanicsburg Mechanicsburg-Quadrangle
Medora Medora-Quadrangle
Merom Merom-Quadrangle
Middletown Middletown-Quadrangle
Millstadt Millstadt-Quadrangle
Minonk Minonk-Quadrangle
Minooka Minooka-Quadrangle
Monks Mound Monks Mound-Quadrangle
Montpelier Montpelier-Quadrangle
Morris Morris-Quadrangle
Mount Carmel Mount Carmel-Quadrangle
Mount Olive Mount Olive-Quadrangle
Mt. Pulaski Mt. Pulaski-Quadrangle
Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon-Quadrangle
Mulberry Grove Mulberry Grove-Quadrangle
Murphysboro Murphysboro-Quadrangle
Nashville Nashville-Quadrangle
Neoga Neoga-Quadrangle
Neponset Neponset-Quadrangle
New Athens East New Athens East-Quadrangle
New City New City-Quadrangle
New Douglas New Douglas-Quadrangle
New Haven SW New Haven Southwest Quadrangle
Newton Newton-Quadrangle
New Windsor New Windsor
Niantic Niantic-Quadrangle
Nokomis Nokomis-Quadrangle
Norris City Norris City-Quadrangle
Nortonville Nortonville-Quadrangle
Oak Hill Oak Hill-Quadrangle
Oakdale Oakdale-Quadrangle
Oakford Oakford-Quadrangle
Oakwood Oakwood-Quadrangle
Oconee Oconee-Quadrangle
O'Fallon Quadrangle O'Fallon Quadrangle
Okawville Okawville-Quadrangle
Olney Olney-Quadrangle
Opdyke Opdyke-Quadrangle
Oraville Oraville-Quadrangle
Orion Orion-Quadrangle
Ottawa Ottawa-Quadrangle
Pana Pana-Quadrangle
Pawnee Pawnee-Quadrangle
Pekin Pekin-Quadrangle
Peoria East Peoria East-Quadrangle
Peoria West Peoria West-Quadrangle
Percy Percy-Quadrangle
Petersburg Petersburg-Quadrangle
Pinckneyville Pinckneyville-Quadrangle
Pittsburg Pittsburg-Quadrangle
Plainview Plainview-Quadrangle
Pleasant Plains Pleasant Plains-Quadrangle
Pocahontas Pocahontas-Quadrangle
Pomona Pomona-Quadrangle
Pontiac Northwest Pontiac Northwest-Quadrangle
Port Byron Port Byron-Quadrangle
Porterville Porterville-Quadrangle
Prairietown Prairietown-Quadrangle
Pyatts Pyatts-Quadrangle
Raddle Raddle-Quadrangle
Ramsey Ramsey-Quadrangle
Raymond Raymond-Quadrangle
Raymond NE Raymond NE-Quadrangle
Rend Lake Dam Rend Lake Dam-Quadrangle
Ridgway Ridgway Quadrangle
Roanoke Roanoke-Quadrangle
Roodhouse East Roodhouse East-Quadrangle
Roodhouse West Roodhouse West-Quadrangle
Rose Hill Rose Hill-Quadrangle
Rudement Rudement Quadrangle
Russellville Russellville-Quadrangle
Salem South Salem South-Quadrangle
Saline Mines Saline Mines-Quadrangle
Salisbury Salisbury-Quadrangle
Sandford Sandford-Quadrangle
Scottland Scottland-Quadrangle
Scottville Scottville-Quadrangle
Seneca Seneca-Quadrangle
Sesser Sesser-Quadrangle
Shawneetown Shawneetown-Quadrangle
Shelbyville Shelbyville-Quadrangle
Shipman Shipman-Quadrangle
Sidell Sidell-Quadrangle
Silvis Silvis-Quadrangle
Sorento South Sorento South-Quadrangle
Springfield East Springfield East-Quadrangle
Springfield West Springfield West-Quadrangle
Spring Garden Spring Garden-Quadrangle
Spring Valley Spring Valley-Quadrangle
Starved Rock Starved Rock-Quadrangle
Stavanger Stavanger-Quadrangle
St Bernice St. Bernice-Quadrangle
St David St. David-Quadrangle
Steeleville Steeleville-Quadrangle
Stewardson East Stewardson East-Quadrangle
Stewardson West Stewardson West-Quadrangle
St Libory St. Libory-Quadrangle
Stonefort Stonefort Quadrangle
Stonington Stonington Quadrangle
Stoy Stoy-Quadrangle
Streator North Streator North-Quadrangle
Streator South Streator South-Quadrangle
St Rose St. Rose-Quadrangle
Summerville Summerville-Quadrangle
Sumner Sumner-Quadrangle
Tallula Tallula-Quadrangle
Tamaroa Tamaroa-Quadrangle
Taylorville Taylorville-Quadrangle
Thackeray Thackeray-Quadrangle
Thompsonville Thompsonville-Quadrangle
Tilden Tilden-Quadrangle
Todds Mill Todds Mill-Quadrangle
Tonica Tonica-Quadrangle
Tower Hill Tower Hill-Quadrangle
Trenton Trenton-Quadrangle
Varna Varna-Quadrangle
Venedy Venedy-Quadrangle
Vergennes Vergennes-Quadrangle
Viola Viola-Quadrangle
Virden North Virden North-Quadrangle
Virden South Virden South-Quadrangle
Walnut Hill Walnut Hill-Quadrangle
Walsh Walsh-Quadrangle
Waltersburg Waltersburg-Quadrangle
Waltonville Waltonville-Quadrangle
Welge Welge-Quadrangle
Wenona Wenona-Quadrangle
West Frankfort West Frankfort-Quadrangle
West Salem West Salem-Quadrangle
Willeys Willeys-Quadrangle
Williamsville Williamsville-Quadrangle
Willisville Willisville-Quadrangle
Wilmington Wilmington-Quadrangle
Winchester Winchester-Quadrangle
Winkle Winkle-Quadrangle
Woodhull Woodhull-Quadrangle
Wood River Wood River-Quadrangle
Worden Worden-Quadrangle