Flanagan North Quadrangle

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Mining in the Flanagan North Quadrangle

While only one mine was known to have operated within the boundaries of this quadrangle, it is possible that others did as well. The Martin Mine (mine index 2714) only operated for one year and reported in Streator. Any number of the unlocated mines at the end of this report, which reported to the surrounding communities of Long Point, Cornell or Streator, may have been located in this area, but no record remains.

The seam mined in this area is also questionable. Several seams have been mined in surrounding areas, including the Danville, Herrin, Springfield and Colchester Coals. All of these exist less than 200 feet below the surface, but structure in the area allows for different seams to be more minable than others at any given location.

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Coal Mines In Illinois Flanagan North Quadrangle

Mines that Appear on the Flanagan North Quadrangle

Unlocated Mines

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