New Haven Southwest Quadrangle

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Mining in the New Haven Southwest Quadrangle

The Eagle No. 2 Mine (mine index 898) is the only mine in this quadrangle, extending northward from it slope entrance in the Shawneetown Quadrangle. The Springfield Coal was the mined seam, which is generally about 5 feet thick in this area. The Wabash Valley Fault Zone affects this region. The westernmost fault of the zone (the Albion-Ridgway Fault) runs generally north-south 1 or 2 miles west of the mine. Strata are downthrown to the east along this fault, with a maximum displacement of 430 feet. Subsidiary faults of this system were noted throughout the mine. Some of these faults contributed to roof difficulties. The Junction Fault trends north-northeast through Sections 10, 15 and 16 of T9S, R9E. Strata are downthrown to the east along the fault and have a maximum displacement of about 90 feet.

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