Okawville Quadrangle

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Mining in the Okawville Quadrangle

Mining began in the early 1880s near the town of Okawville with the opening of the Okawville Coal Company mine (mine index 3913), which operated until 1906. This mine, like the other mines on the quadrangle, worked the Herrin Coal. A second mine opened in 1937, about a mile to the south, operated by Bierman & Arrowsmith (mine index 3914). The mine was referred to as the New Okawville Mine or the William Frank Mine, as it was located on land owned by William Frank. When this second mine closed in 1942, there would be no mining in this quadrangle until 1977 when the Monterey Coal Company No. 2 Mine (mine index 0974) opened. This large mine ceased operation in 1996.

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