Mine Index 10083250   Bullfrog Mine

S-T-R 22(NESE)-28N-1W
County: Jo Daviess
Quadrangle: Galena
District: Upper Mississippi Valley

Mine Index Number: 10083250

MAS ID: 170850067 MRDS ID: W062835
Company Name:
Mine/Site Name: Bullfrog Mine
Active/Abandoned: Abandoned
Start Date: Unknown End Date: Unknown
Commodity Type: Metallic
Commodity: Lead, Zinc
Minerals Present:
Type of Mine: Underground
District: Upper Mississippi Valley Subdistrict:
County: Jo Daviess
Section/Township/Range: 22(NESE)-28N-1W
Latitude,Longitude: 42.4086199999999,-90.4689999999998
Unit(s) Mined: Galena Group, Platteville Group
Feature(s) Mined:
MRDS Link: https://mrdata.usgs.gov/mrds/show-mrds.php?dep id=10083250
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The Bullfrog mine, on the Anthony Dempsey farm two miles west of Galena, is about 200 yards south of the Merry Widow mine. A shallow shaft was sunk by the operators of the Merry Widow mine about 1916 and was later deepened to about 37 feet by Gill Brothers. It has been reopened and in about 1945 was operated on a small scale by the Eversoll Brothers. Ore is mined at a depth of 22 feet from a crevice trending N. 85 E. The ore is a top-run deposit, low in iron, and is above the top of the cherty beds in the Galena formation (WILLIAMS, H B, REYNOLDS, R R & HERBERT, JR, PAUL, 1946).

Mine Data/Information


WILLIAMS, H B, REYNOLDS, R R & HERBERT, JR, PAUL, 1946, Geological aspects of prospecting and areas for prospecting in the zinc-lead district of northwestern Illinois, Report of Investigations 116 Plate 1 Plate 2(Source of Mine Location)

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