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Mining in the Creal Springs Quadrangle

The coal known as the Lower New Burnside Coal in 5-T11S-R4E varies considerably in thickness but is characteristically broken by numerous clay shale partings. Immediately above the coal is an erosional conglomerate that sometimes channeled into the seam for as much as 6 inches. This conglomerate is case-hardened and is a conspicuous hematite-red. The sandstone pebbles in the conglomerate are up to 3 inches across and not rounded, usually composed of sandstone. The Upper New Burnside Coal is overlain by a conglomerate composed of small gravel-sized pebbles of shale and limestone. The coal was mined via drift and slope entries as well as surface mines along the outcrop. The Murphsyboro Coal was also mined in the vicinity of the New Burnside Coal mines, near the town of New Burnside, while east of the town, the Delwood Coal was mined.

In the southern portion of the quadrangle, the Bell Coal was mined, and closer to the town of Reynoldsburg, the Reynoldsburg Coal was mined. Little is known of these mines other than their location. The northern part of the quadrangle, in Williamson County, had mines in the Mt. Rorah Coal. These were most often surface mines and drifts that took advantage of the shallow coal depth along the hillsides.

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