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Mining in the Heathsville Quadrangle

As early as 1882, mining took place at Palestine Landing. The coal was reported to be 123 feet deep and 4 feet thick, but when a shaft was constructed about a mile southeast of the boring, the coal was found to be only 6 inches thick under bituminous shale. The coals mined in the Heathsville Quadrangle were both thin. The Bristol Hill Coal was less than 4 feet thick, and the Flannigan Coal was generally less than 2.5 feet thick. In two cases, coal was pried out of the river bed at times of low water, with miners working in water up to their waists (see Mine Index 7497 and Mine Index 7502). Only two mine maps were found for the Heathsville Quadrangle, and most of the other mines are only known from field work in the vicinity.

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