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Small local mines worked in the Shelbyville Coal in the Ramsey Quadrangle. All the known mines are at the coal outcrop along the streams. Three of the mines are known from an 1875 publication. One mine, the Gooden coal bank (mine index 4308), was actually in the stream. As G. C. Broadhead phrased it in Worthen et al., 1875, “a good deal of coal has been taken from the creek, but the water is generally in the way.” Exploration was indicated in the 1889 Coal Report, when a 7 foot thick seam of coal was reported at a depth of 684 feet at Ramsey. The 1895 Coal Report stated that the Ramsey Coal Company (mine index 4366) began sinking a shaft, but abandoned the effort about 70 feet down, still in glacial till. No point has been added to the map for Ramsey Coal Company, because the mine could be any direction within 3 miles (or more) of the town of Ramsey. More mines may have operated, but the production was likely very low.

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