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Mining in the Stonefort Quadrangle

The Western Mine (mine index 0935) and E. & L. Mine (mine index 0914) operated between 1970 and 1975. The other mines in the Stonefort Quadrangle operated before 1940. The seams mined here were thin lenticular coals. The Bidwell and Mt. Rorah Coals vary in thickness and were best worked from small mines for a local market. The number of mines may be significantly higher than shown on the accompanying map. The large number of small mines listed in the unlocated mines at the back of this report are most likely nearby or within the quadrangle boundaries. The topography is quite hilly, and the mines would not have been easy to see on the rugged slopes. No company maps were available for the mines on the Stonefort Quadrangle. Almost all the information about the mines is from secondary sources, such as field notes and aerial photographs.

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Coal Mines In Illinois Stonefort Quadrangle

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