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Mining in the Thackeray Quadrangle

Mining in the Thackeray Quadrangle began in small mines that mined the Womac Coal, a thin seam of coal that was near the surface in this area. The Womac Coal lies stratigraphically above the Danville Coal in Illinois. These mines appear to have not reported any production, so very little is known about them. The only large-scale mining to have taken place in the Thackeray Quadrangle began in 1979 with the opening of the Inland Steel Coal Company No. 2 Mine (mine index 0938). This mine worked the Springfield Coal seam at a depth of 929 feet. In 1986, the mine became known as the Consolidation Coal Company, Wheeler Creek Mine. This name persisted until the closing of the mine in 1988, which ended all mining in the Thackeray Quadrangle.

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