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Mining in the Tonica Quadrangle

The William Pettigrew mine (mine index 2662) operated as a surface mine from 1936 to 1941. This mine was said to have mined the Colchester Coal. The Colchester Coal was 44 feet deep in the northeastern part of the quadrangle where the mine was located, and the seam was less than 3 feet thick.

Three other mines operated in this quadrangle between 1920 and 1935, all near the town of Tonica. One was an underground mine that operated two years, another was a surface mine that only operated in 1934 and the mining method for the remaining mine is unknown. These mines excavated less than 1500 tons, and would have removed less than 1 acre total. No maps or other location information are available for these mines and they are not shown on the accompanying map.

The town of Lowell is less than one mile north of the Tonica Quadrangle, and some of the mines with the Lowell address may be encompassed in this quadrangle. These unlocated mines are listed at the back of this report.

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