Chillicothe Quadrangle

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Mining in the Chillicothe Quadrangle

Most of the mines in Marshall County were small drift mines driven into the Danville Coal off the bluffs along the Illinois River, and the mines in the Chillicothe Quadrangle are no exception. These were room and pillar mines that were often mined only in winter, and served local needs. The Danville Coal was mined here, ranging between 3 and 4 feet thick and from 30 to 110 feet deep.

The mines in the Chillicothe Quadrangle generally operated for only a few years and mined less than 10 acres. The longest-operating mine was index 293, the R. C. Crew Mine, which ran for 27 years. This mine was also the first that operated in this quadrangle, opening in 1902. Mining ceased in the Chillicothe Quadrangle after 1941, when the last two mines shut down (mine index 360, Blue Blaze No. 1 Mine, and mine index 2862, Vincent Dobrich’s mine).

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