Mine Index 4163   Bowlesville Coal Company,   Bowlesville Mine

Unlocated Mines In: Gallatin unlocated
County: Gallatin
Quadrangle: Shawneetown
County Coal Data: Gallatin
Shown On Map: Yes
Unlocated: No

Mine Index Number: 4163

Company Name: Bowlesville Coal Company
Mine Name: Bowlesville Mine
Start Date: Pre 1879 End Date: 1892
Type of Mine: Underground
Total acres shown:
Acres after map date: General Area of mining acres shown: 41 Production indicates only a total of 17 acres were mined. Because mining occurred in two seams, the actual aerial extent of mining is unknown.

Shaft, Slope, Drift or Tipple Location(s)

Type County Township-Range Section Part Section
Main shaft (8'x36') The shaft was compartmentalized and contained the hoist shaft, air shaft, and piping for a pump. Gallatin 10S 9E 9 NE NE NE


Thickness (ft)
Seam Depth (ft) Min Max Ave Mining Method
Herrin 60 3.0 UG
Springfield 181 5.0 UG

Geological Problems Reported


Company Mine Name Date Production (tons)
Bowlesville Mining Company This mine may have also operated as the Western Mining Company. This company was begun by Joseph Bowles, in what was to become Bowlesville, along with Thomas Logsdon and Dr. Tolbert. Because of its proximity, this mine competed with Kentucky mines until the Civil War, when it began to make a profit. With the closing of the Union Naval yards, demand decreased, and the mine eventually closed. Bowlesville pre 1879-1883 30,000 Production before July 1882 is unknown. The 1882 Coal Report indicated 15 acres had been mined.
Bowlesville Coal Company Bowlesville 1887-1892 27,372
Total Production: 57,372

Production Notes

Coal Report production (if available)

Sources of Data

Source Map Map Date Original Scale Digitized Scale Map Type
Microfilm, document 326827 3-12-1975 1:1200 1:1200 Secondary source

Annotated Bibliography (Data source - brief description of information)

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