Mine Index 5957   Diamond Coal Company,   Diamond Mine

Unlocated Mines In: Livingston unlocated
County: Livingston
Quadrangle: Streator South
County Coal Data: Livingston
Shown On Map: Yes
Unlocated: No

Mine Index Number: 5957

Company Name: Diamond Coal Company
Mine Name: Diamond Mine
Start Date: 1887 End Date: 1902
Type of Mine: Underground
Total acres shown: 12
Production Indicated Acres: 35, shown as a general area of mining. General Area of mining acres shown:

A general area of mining is shown to indicate the probable extent of the mine.

Shaft, Slope, Drift or Tipple Location(s)

Type County Township-Range Section Part Section
Main shaft Livingston 28N 5E 15 NE SE
Escape / air shaft A shaft is not shown on the source map, but the shape of the workings shown indicate a shaft was likely present. Livingston 28N 5E 15 NE SE


Thickness (ft)
Seam Depth (ft) Min Max Ave Mining Method
Danville 200-233 5.0-5.5 MRP

Geological Problems Reported


Company Mine Name Date Production (tons)
Pontiac Union Coal Company Pontiac Union 1887-1889 53,926
Pontiac Coal Company Pontiac 1889-1892 57,427
Smith and Hill Company Smith and Hill 1892-1894 29,989
Delgenio Coal Company Delgenio 1894-1895 1,800
John T. Henry Henry 1895-1896 2,600
Diamond Coal Company Diamond 1896-1902 41,430
Total Production: 187,830

Production Notes

Coal Report production (if available)

Sources of Data

Source Map Map Date Original Scale Digitized Scale Map Type
Microfilm, document 352530 9-1920 1:2400 1:4303 Incomplete The map was not coded as Secondary source because the Murphy, Linsky and Kasher source map for mine index 0215 was presumed to have come from the common ownership of Diamond Coal Company and Brady Coal Company(previous owners of Murphy, Linsky and Kasher Coal Company).

Annotated Bibliography (Data source - brief description of information)

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Directory of Illinois Coal Mines (Livingston County) - Mine names, mine index, ownership, years of operation.
Microfilm map, document 352530, reel 03139, frame 253, map of Pontiac Mine (mine index 0215) - Shaft locations, mine outline, mining method.
Sanborn-Perris Map Company, Pontiac, Illinois, October 1892, December 1897 and July 1903 - Ownership, shaft location.
ISGS Circular 536 - Seam.

Mine Notes

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