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Mining in the Farmington East Quadrangle

The Burton Mine operated 2.5 miles north of Farmington in 1859. The exact location of the Burton Mine is not known and may be stripped out by the Middle Grove Mine (mine index 621), but this does indicate that coal was mined for a long time, although generally on a small scale for local homeowners and blacksmiths. Mining also took place east of Norris in 36-T8N-R4E (near mine index 5016) before 1870.

In the northern part of the Farmington East Quadrangle, the Herrin Coal was worked in shallow local mines for the first half of the 20th century, and later surface-mined when the Elm Mine (mine index 887) extended westward. The Springfield Coal was worked along the western side of the Farmington East Quadrangle from 1888 until both the Arden No. 5 Mine (mine index 110) and D. & D. No. 3 Mine (mine index 2246) closed in 1952.

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