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Mining in the New Douglas Quadrangle

The earliest mining in the New Douglas Quadrangle took place in 1891 near the town of New Douglas. Five different owners attempted to mine coal at this location, and each time the operation closed down within two years. The difficulties in mining coal profitably here were most likely associated with the proximity of the Walshville Channel and its associated geologic problems. Although coal is generally thick near contemporaneous channels, the coal is often split and roof conditions can be treacherous. (The Walshville Channel is discussed in detail in C 540, The Hornsby District of Low-Sulfur Herrin Coal in Central Illinois, and IM 120, Availability of the Herrin Coal for Mining in Illinois, and the channel is identified on Map Sheet 3 of Open File Series 2000-10.)

Northwest of New Douglas, the Mt. Olive & Staunton No. 2 Mine operated 53 years, and the Livingston & Mt. Olive Coal Company No. 1 Mine operated for about 58 years. The Herrin Coal ranged from 3.0 to 8.0 feet thick, and the shafts ranged from 287 to 325 feet deep. The shaft for the mine near New Douglas (mine index 2795) was over 400 feet deep, perhaps an additional factor in unprofitable mining.

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