Mine Index 0631   Blu-Blaz Bloc Coal Company,   Peacock Mine

Unlocated Mines In: Gallatin unlocated
County: Gallatin
Quadrangle: Karbers Ridge
County Coal Data: Gallatin
Shown On Map: Yes
Unlocated: No

Mine Index Number: 0631

Company Name: Blu-Blaz Bloc Coal Company
Mine Name: Peacock Mine
Start Date: 1923 End Date: April 1966
Type of Mine: Underground
Total acres shown: 8
Acres after map date: General Area of mining acres shown:

Shaft, Slope, Drift or Tipple Location(s)

Type County Township-Range Section Part Section
Main drift Gallatin 10S 9E 30 SW SW SE
Air drift Gallatin 10S 9E 30 SW SW SE
Escape drift Gallatin 10S 9E 30 SW SW SE


Thickness (ft)
Seam Depth (ft) Min Max Ave Mining Method
Willis 0-100 3.0 3.3 3.2 RPB

Geological Problems Reported

Faults were shown on the source map along the western boundary. Another fault was shown in the center of the mine, trending southwest-northeast. Displacement was not noted on the map, but mining stopped at the faults. The immediate roof was fine, soft, massive sandstone, which sometimes rolled into the coal for a few inches. The upper part of the coal sometimes contained localized clay partings. The coal was not mined where these partings were present. The coal had vertical fractures throughout the seam, and these were generally filled with clay or mud that was sticky and adhered to the coal. Some thin pyrite bands parallel to the bedding were noted in the seam.


Company Mine Name Date Production (tons)
Ernest V. Schneider Schneider 1923-1937 Idle 1925, 1926, 1928-1933, 1937 698
Shawnee Coal Company Shawnee 1938-1948 Idle 1940-1948 45
Blue Blaze Coal Company Blue Blaze 1949-1949 346
Blu-Blaz Bloc Coal Company Blu Blaz No. 1 1950-1964 Idle 1951-1953 27,983
Blu-Blaz Bloc Coal Company Peacock 1965-1966 2,907
Total Production: 31,979

Production Notes

Coal Report production (if available)

Sources of Data

Source Map Map Date Original Scale Digitized Scale Map Type
Microfilm, document 351556 2-6-1966 1:1200 1:1324 Final

Annotated Bibliography (Data source - brief description of information)

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