Karbers Ridge Quadrangle


Mining in the Karbers Ridge Quadrangle

Coal mining occurred only in the northern part of this quadrangle, in Gallatin County. This mining was on a very small scale. Most of the mines were small drifts into the Willis Coal on the hillside gullies in this area. More of these small mines may exist than are shown, but records of very small drifts for household use were seldom kept or reported. Mining ended in 1966 with the closing of the Blu-Blaze Bloc Coal Company’s Peacock Mine (mine index 631).

In the Hardin County portion of this quadrangle, mining occurred but was all non-coal mining. Most of these mines were after fluorspar, an important industrial mineral. Hardin County lies in what is known as the Fluorspar District of Illinois. This mineral typically occurs as veins, and the method of mining reflects this. These mines were often long and narrow (linear in nature like the seams they mined), with many multiple shafts a short distance apart in the larger mines, such as the Hamp Mine and Lee Mine. One clay mine and one zinc prospect also operated for a time, in this quadrangle.

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