Mine Index 0877   Consol Energy, Inc.,   Rend Lake Mine

Unlocated Mines In: Jefferson unlocated
County: Jefferson
Quadrangle: Ina
County Coal Data: Jefferson
Shown On Map: Yes
Unlocated: No
MSHA ID: 1100601
For more information about Longwall Mining See: History of Longwall Coal Mining In Illinois

Mine Index Number: 0877

Company Name: Consol Energy, Inc.
Mine Name: Rend Lake Mine
Start Date: 1967 End Date: 2002
Type of Mine: Underground
Total acres shown: 9,845
Acres after map date: General Area of mining acres shown:

Shaft, Slope, Drift or Tipple Location(s)

Type County Township-Range Section Part Section
Main production shaft Jefferson 4S 2E 30 SE NE SW
Air, man and material shaft Jefferson 4S 2E 30 NW SE SW


For more information about Longwall Mining See: History of Longwall Coal Mining In Illinois
Thickness (ft)
Seam Depth (ft) Min Max Ave Mining Method
Herrin 733 7.0-9.0 LW

Geological Problems Reported

Faults were noted, with 3 to 13 feet displacement. The mine had a wet area that was delineated by the company by a “drip line” on their mine maps. Some saline water came from layers above the shale and dripped down the pillars into the mine. Another source of water was probably Rend Lake, as one of the test holes for the mine, drilled in 1918 and later submerged, penetrated one area noted for water problems. In other areas, water was said to seep up from the floor. The roof was a weak gray shale that came down readily, with a silty gray shale above that. Roof falls were more common near the top of seam undulations. A large roll was noted that crossed three entries. Sandstone-filled rolls were seen in this mine. One such roll cut out 5 feet of coal, and a different roll cut out 2 feet of coal and was 6 feet wide. However, most rolls were not persistent. The seam contained pyrite along cleat fillings and in en echelon fractures. Some pyrite occurred as thin laminations, with pyrite-filled “goat beards” above and below the laminations. (In this mine, “goat beards” was used for bundles of extension fractures.) When using the continuous mining machine, the company attempted to keep a 7-foot mining height, which sometimes involved leaving 1 foot of bottom coal and some top coal. The bottom coal was left because of the water, which would have turned the floor into mud and created a difficult surface for the machines. Some areas of the mine had split coal. The largest split was in the upper part of the seam, and was 0.1 to 0.4 feet thick.


Company Mine Name Date Production (tons)
Inland Steel Coal Company Inland 1967-1985 33,621,654
Consolidation Coal Company Rend Lake 1986-1998 37,500,415
Consol Energy, Inc. Rend Lake 1999-2002 10,134,144
Total Production: 81,256,213

Production Notes

Coal Report production (if available)

Sources of Data

Source Map Map Date Original Scale Digitized Scale Map Type
Company, 6-355 1-1-2003 1:12000 1:12000 Final

Annotated Bibliography (Data source - brief description of information)

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Map ID: 6-355
Company: Consol Energy, Inc.
Mine Name: Rend Lake
Map Date: 01/01/2003
Map Status: Final
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