Bethalto Quadrangle



The earliest known mining in the Bethalto Coal Company is mine index 6370, which was operating in 1854. The history of this mine is sketchy, but at least two men operated the old mine, a Mr. Eddington and Mr. Seedler. This was related in the ISGS field notes, and it is uncertain if the mine operating in 1929 (Side Hill Mine) was actually the same mine or merely in the vicinity.

Most of the mining in the Bethalto quadrangle was done by small local mines producing less than 10,000 tons during the working life of the mine. Only the Carlin Mine (mine index 627) produced more than 150,000 tons.

Most of the mines had coal that averaged less than 5 feet thick. Since many of the mines were small local mines that did not operate very long, few geological problems were reported (better records of large mines were kept, and longer operating periods provided more opportunity for visits). At least one mine closed due to the poor quality and difficulty in mining the coal, mine index 2794, Balster’s Mine. Roof problems and cavings were noted in 4 mines.

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Coal Mines In Illinois Bethalto Quadrangle

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