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Mining in the Carbondale Quadrangle

Mining mostly took place in the Murphysboro Coal southeast of Carbondale. The Tarter, Mt. Rorah and Wise Ridge Coals were also present in this area, and in some cases, these thinner coals were also mined. A few companies surface-mined, but underground mining took place very early. The earliest known mine was that of Col. D. H. Brush (mine index 4631), who was operating in 1878, and may have mined as early as 1865. The coals in this area were not so uniformly thick as near Murphysboro to the west or Herrin to the east, so the mines were generally smaller, with lower production and less-extensive outlines, than the mines in those areas. Surface mining was practical in this area, and several operators took advantage of the shallow coal in this manner.

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