Lincoln East Quadrangle


Mining in the Lincoln East Quadrangle

Mining began in this quadrangle in 1869 with the Lincoln Coal Mining Company. Later the Citizens Coal Company opened a mine (1883) and operated it until it was sold to Brewerton Coal Company in 1923. Brewerton had also opened a mine in 1903 and these two workings underlie the west edge of the city of Lincoln. The last production in this quadrangle was in 1968 when the El-Ben mine closed. In all, mining lasted in this quadrangle for 100 years. These were all underground mines in the Springfield Coal (formerly known as the Number 5 Coal). It is the only seam known to have been mined here.

The Springfield Coal ranges from 266-280 feet deep and averages 5 feet thick in this quadrangle. Clay dikes, or ‘horsebacks’, as well as ‘considerable water’ in upper gravel beds, caused some mining problems and added to the cost of production.

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