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The Springfield Coal was mined in this area, and it was generally about 4 feet thick. Horsebacks, clay veins and rolls were reported, but not as common as in other areas where the Springfield Coal was mined. Most of the mines are concentrated along the bluffs of Kickapoo Creek. The coal was readily accessible by drifts and shallow slope entrances, and the accompanying map shows how thoroughly the area around Peoria was mined.

The Treasure Mine (mine index 3042) operated the longest (76 years), opening before 1878 and closing in 1954. The area was also home to other long-lived mines, such as Mohn’s Empire Mine (mine index 3036, operating 50 years), Crescent No. 2 Mine (mine index 0106, operating 46 years), and the Bartonville Mine (mine index 0430, operating 45 years). The proximity to good transportation on Illinois River barges may have been a factor. The last coal mining took place in at the Big Bear Mine (mine index 3080) in 1968. The Colchester Coal was mined in only one mine, the Blue Fly Mine (mine index 3088), between 1895 and 1902. As was common at the time, this thin (2.5 feet) seam was mined by the longwall method.

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