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Mining in the Pana Quadrangle

The mines in this area were all located in the vicinity of the town of Pana. Mining was in the Herrin Coal seam, which is very deep in this area, at a depth of about 710 to 730 feet. Because the Herrin Coal was so deep, it was only economical for large mines to operate, given the depth of shaft that needed to be sunk. The first of the five mines to open near Pana was the Pana Coal & Mining Company (mine index 729) in 1884, which was open until 1948, one of the longest running mines. The last mine to close was the Peabody Coal Company No. 17 Mine (mine index 0679), which closed in 1957.

The shale above the coal contained slips that made the roof treacherous in the mines of the Pana Quadrangle. Slabs came down without warning, and the operations often shot the roof down with the coal to avoid injuries and to make the mining process more efficient. Gas was also present in some areas, driven out of the coal by the tremendous pressure of the thick overburden.

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