Thompsonville Quadrangle


Mining in the Thompsonville Quadrangle

Mining took place in the western part of the quadrangle, perhaps because the coal thinned to the east at the same time that the depth increased. The southwestern portion of the quadrangle is part of the Quality Circle, where Herrin Coal with high Btu values was present in thicknesses ranging from 6 to 11 feet. Such thick coal can contain a variety of geologic problems that would be insurmountable in a thinner coal. Troughs and hills in the haulage roads, rolls and slips in the coal, high sulfur content and roof problems did not hinder mining, which took place continuously from 1907 to 1994. Gas was present in the deep coal, and the thick overburden helped drive the gas into the rooms where coal had been removed. Good ventilation was paramount in Franklin County. The major factor essentially ending mining in this area was the cheaper production of low-sulfur coal in the western states.

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