Mine Index 0043   O’Gara Coal Company,   O’Gara No. 9 Mine

Unlocated Mines In: Saline unlocated
County: Saline
Quadrangle: Harrisburg
County Coal Data: Saline
Shown On Map: Yes
Unlocated: No

Mine Index Number: 0043

Company Name: O’Gara Coal Company
Mine Name: O’Gara No. 9 Mine
Start Date: 1905 End Date: April 1923
Type of Mine: Underground
Total acres shown: 972
Acres after map date: General Area of mining acres shown:

Shaft, Slope, Drift or Tipple Location(s)

Type County Township-Range Section Part Section
Main shaft Saline 9S 6E 21 NW SE SE
Air shaft Saline 9S 6E 21 SW SE SE


Thickness (ft)
Seam Depth (ft) Min Max Ave Mining Method
Springfield 152 5.8-8.0 MRP

Geological Problems Reported

A 1911 gas explosion near the sealed connection to the O’Gara No. 4 Mine resulted in the suffocation of eight men. Several faults, trending northwest-southeast, cut through the northeast portion of the mine. The roof in the center part of the mine was 1.5 feet of crumbly shale that tended to come down, overlain by a good roof of hard gray shale. The western part of the mine had poorer roof conditions, with boney coal and carbonaceous shale that contained partings and horizontal slip planes. The northern and southern parts of the mine had many slip planes in the roof that made for dangerous conditions. The coal contained pyrite balls and streaks; the lower half of the coal was cleaner than the upper portion.


Company Mine Name Date Production (tons)
Eldorado Coal Company Eldorado 1905-1906 47,414
O’Gara Coal Company O’Gara No. 9 1906-1923Idle 1922 6,598,483
Total Production: 6,645,897

Production Notes

Coal Report production (if available)

Sources of Data

Source Map Map Date Original Scale Digitized Scale Map Type
Microfilm, document 352793 9-1923 The legend on this source map stated that the map was prepared in September 1923 and the last extensions were surveyed January 10, 1923. However, several entries have the date “4-14-1923" inscribed on the furthest extensions, implying that this map is final or very nearly so, but this outline is not consistent with the final outline shown on the 1931 map, which shows approximately 15 additional acres. The mined area shown on the accompanying map is the approximate size expected for the production reported. This suggests that the mine outline is complete. 1:2400 1:4138 Not final
Company, 4103.S32 i5.1-37 2-1-1931 1:2400 1:2400 Final
WPA, T9S-R6E circa 1934 1:12000 1:53,900 Secondary source

Annotated Bibliography (Data source - brief description of information)

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Microfilm map, document 352793, reel 03140, frames 329-332 - Mine outline, mining method, geologic problems.
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