Mining in this quadrangle began at least as early as 1857, with Henry Ritter’s shaft (mine index 5585) near the Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Depot and continued until 1951. The most recent mine in the Edwardsville quadrangle is the Black Diamond Mine (mine index 2771), which operated for a very brief period in 1958. Only one of the mines in this area operated for 40 years, Madison Coal Corporation’s No.2 Mine (mine index 415).

Glen Carbon, a town on the south border of the Edwardsville quadrangle, was developed by the Madison Coal Company as Madison No. 2 (mine index 415) sank its hoisting and escapement shafts in 1891. New houses and boarding houses had been constructed over the year, and shade trees planted along the streets. The establishment in 1911-1912 of on-site mine rescue and first aid stations and a mine rescue team at Madison No. 2 Mine (mine index 415) and Madison No. 4 (mine index 285) was an indication of the importance of the safety of the miners.

The Herrin Coal was the only coal mined here, ranging from 3.5 to 7.5 feet thick and 60 to 216 feet deep. In general, mining conditions were good, although some mines had roof problems. These problems did not greatly hinder mining, but more timbering was required and this made mining somewhat more expensive.

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