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Mining in the Pinckneyville Quadrangle

Mining in this area began about 1 mile northwest of Pinckneyville in 1872. Beaucoup Mine (mine index 3120) operated until 1884, and the town platted nearby was named Beaucoup Mines, although that name does not appear on current maps.

The Herrin Coal was the seam most often mined in Perry County, with a thickness ranging from 4.5 to 7 feet, and a depth commonly less than 100 feet. Because of that, the coal was readily accessible by surface or underground methods. The Pyramid Slope Mine (mine index 3136) and Gorgen Mine (mine index 3130) operated where the bedrock was less than 35 feet thick, a condition that can lead to roof difficulties in underground mines. However, most of these conditions were seen in the large surface mines in the southern portion of the quadrangle, where the difficulties rarely threatened the miners’ lives.

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