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Mining in the Rudement Quadrangle

The earliest mining in the Rudement Quadrangle was related to the salt works and took place in 24-T9S-R7E before 1875. The precise location is not known, but would be within the general area of mining shown on the map of the Springfield Coal. The evaporating pans and boilers used about 300 bushels a day.

More general underground mining began in 1909, with the Reynolds Mine (mine index 4463), who were the sole operators until 1915, when the Colbert Mine (mine index 133) opened and operated for two years. Surface mining began in 1935, with the Cottage Grove Mine (mine index 3298), but occurred only at a small scale until the mid 1950s, when the Vinyard Mine ([[0804}mine index 804]]), Walnut Grove Mine (mine index 840), and J. & W. No. 1 Mine (mine index 3330) began mining substantial areas. Mining continues today at an underground mine, the I-1 Underground Mine (mine index 1035) in the Davis Coal. Several seams were mined in this quadrangle. The Herrin Coal was mostly surface-mined. The Springfield Coal was shallow enough to surface-mine over much of the quadrangle, but was deep enough to have stable roof conditions for a large underground mine in the northern part of the quadrangle (mine index 1015, Big Ridge Portal No. 1 Mine). The Dekoven Coal was mostly surface-mined in conjunction with the Davis Coal, but was generally too thin to support mining operations on its own. Davis Coal was both surface- and underground-mined.

The southeastern quarter of this quadrangle is a part of the Eagle Valley Syncline, which ends abruptly where the Shawneetown Fault turns southward. The geology of the area is very complex, with many fault zones, including the Shawneetown Fault Zone, Herod Fault Zone, and the Cottage Grove Fault System. These structures are beyond the scope of this introduction, but more information can be found in the Geologic Map of the Rudement Quadrangle, Saline County, Illinois (ISGS IGQ003) and Structural Geology of Southeastern Illinois and Vicinity (ISGS Circular 538).

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