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Mining in the Crab Orchard Quadrangle

Most of the mining in the Crab Orchard Quadrangle occurred in the Herrin and Springfield Coals, but some small mines and large surface mines also mined the Houchin Creek, Dekoven and Davis Coals that are near the surface south of the Herrin and Springfield outcrops. Two small mines also mined the Mt. Rorah Coal in the southern half of the quadrangle. In the northern part of the quadrangle, some Danville Coal was locally mined.

The Herrin Coal was generally mined from the surface, except near the very northernmost part of the quadrangle, where the coal was deep enough to have sufficient roof for safe underground mining. The Herrin was generally from 5 to 6 feet thick, but locally ranged up to 8 feet. The Springfield Coal was slightly thinner over this quadrangle, generally from 4 to 5 feet thick, but was present over a greater area. Because of the thin coal, mines in the Springfield Coal were smaller here than the large mines to the northwest in the Johnston City Quadrangle.

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