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Mining in the French Village Quadrangle

Mining began quite early in this area. According to the ISGS field notes, mining was taking place in the French Village Quadrangle near Edgemont in 1810. By 1874, there were several mines large enough to justify railroad spurs to their tipples. This is in large part due to the accessibility of the coal, which outcrops in the bluffs on the northwest quarter of the quadrangle, and the proximity to St. Louis where the coal could be marketed. The longest-operating mine in the area, the B. B. Mine (mine index 3550), celebrated its 50th anniversary in May 1928 (implying the opening year was 1878) and continued operation until 1943.

Mining occurred almost exclusively in the Herrin Coal. A very few mines attempted mining the Springfield Coal as well, but the Springfield seam is much thinner and those mines did not stay in operation very long. Geologic problems associated with the Herrin Coal in this area include large and numerous coal balls in the roof rock, some slips and offsets in the coal, and areas where the shale roof came down easily. Some mines noted heaves and squeezes from the floor clay, especially when wet.

Note that a number of mines that are known to have operated in this area could not be located. Any area east of the bluffs may contain minable coal and is potentially undermined.

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