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Mining in the Freeburg Quadrangle

Mining in this quadrangle began prior to 1874, and continued until 1989. The date of the earliest mining is not known; the 1874 Atlas of St. Clair County shows mines in the Belleville and Rentchler areas. The most recent (and largest) mine in the Freeburg quadrangle is the River King Underground Mine (mine index 940), just east of Freeburg. Three of the mines in this area operated for long periods; the Richland Mine (mine index 790) operated for 68 years, the Randle Mine (mine index 3565) operated for 53 years, and the Reinheimer Slope Mine (mine index 789) operated for 51 years.

The Herrin Coal was the only coal mined here, ranging from 5.0 to 11.5 feet thick and 8 to 267 feet deep. Several mines reported water, and a number of mines reported problems with the mine floor "heaving" or "squeezing". These problems typically occur in wet conditions such as this where the bedrock cover above the coal is relatively thin.

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