Johnston City Quadrangle


Mining in the Johnston City Quadrangle

Two minable coal seams crop out in the Johnston City Quadrangle: the Herrin and Springfield Coals. Because both coals are close to the surface, both were surface mined as well as underground mined. The Herrin Coal is quite thick in this area, in some rare cases up to 14 feet, but more commonly 8 to 10 feet. The roof was typically the Energy Shale, 40 feet or more thick. This massive, sandy shale created roof problems for many mines. Top coal was often left to help support the roof, although that was sometimes mined on retreat from the rooms. The Cottage Grove Fault System and the White Ash Fault Zone both had an impact on mining in the quadrangle, but as the accompanying map shows, these faults did not prevent mining. Various geologic problems such as coal balls, rolls, and slips in the seam caused problems, but few prevented mining.

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Coal Mines In Illinois Johnston City Quadrangle

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