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The earliest known coal mining in Williamson County began around 1870 near Carterville. The Carbondale Coal & Coke Company operated at least two mines nearby, the Dodd shaft (mine index 6910) and the Laflin slope (mine index 5973). The Herrin Coal reportedly averaged 9 feet thick in this area, and was often 60 feet deep or less. The Springfield Coal was also mined in this quadrangle, mostly in surface mines, but some small underground mines were operated in this seam as well.

The most recent mining in the Herrin Quadrangle ended in 2003, when the S. Coal Company’s Cambria No. 1 Mine (mine index 1027) closed. Several other surface mines stripped coal up to the early 1980s, some mining both the Herrin and the Springfield Coals. In many cases, they only took the pillars left from previous underground mining in the Herrin Coal.

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